SMC³ Online Applications

What is an online application?

An online application offers access to software and services via the Internet that would normally be located on the hard drive of your computer. The advantage of choosing an online application is that you can run products from a computer anywhere, anytime with no installation required. Your application and modules are run on our server without maintenance or upgrades to manage. You can use our products simply by logging in to this website.

What do online applications offer SMC³ customers?

The latest software environment here at SMC³ offers our customers the opportunity to license, access and run SMC³'s premier products via the Web. All you need is Internet access and you can use our products simply by logging in to this website.

Currently, five SMC³ products are available in an online format - CzarLite, CzarLite International, CanadaLite, webRater, and FastClass. These products can be purchased as an online application in lieu of the traditional PC version that you would install on your computer. Of course, we will continue to offer our products in CD format as well.

Want to try it out?

Please do. If you would like to experiment with the online apps., simply select a product from our left navigation frame under "Applications". This will bring up a free demo version of the product you selected.

In order to register for any online products, you must first be an SMC³ customer. If you are an SMC³ customer, you will need your SMC³ account number handy in order to register. If you cannot locate your SMC³ Customer No., please contact us via email and we will return this information to you in one business day, or call us at 800.845.8090.

If you are interested in becoming an SMC³ customer, please contact our sales department at or call us at 800.845.8090.

SMC³'s online applications are not available to certain international customers. For more information, contact SMC³ Customer Support at 770.486.5800 or 800.845.8090.

Available Products, Pricing, and License


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